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Legal Fees

E & P Diligence Legal fees structures are optional and shall  be applied by approval of the client. Firstly, our firm would propose the legal services proposal to the client and, after acquiring the approval of the client, we would perform legal services in accordance with the proposed strategy. Each scheme’s information of legal fee structures is described below.


Time Basis Scheme

The rate of Time Basis Scheme charge for legal services provided by our lawyers will vary, depending on the skill, experience and location of the professional staff involved in handling the matter. Our standard policy is to record each single time unit spent for the client’s work, but the billable time shall be only from the productive time. Thus, not all hours spent on the client’s work will be charged to the client.

Our Hourly rates will be as follows:

Partners                                                                                                       Baht 8,000

Associates/Mid-Level Associates                                                              Baht 4,000

Junior Lawyers / Lawyers                                                                           Baht 1,000-3,000

Paralegals                                                                                                    Baht 500-1,000

Lump Sum Scheme

This scheme is to charge legal fees in lump sum. To apply this scheme,  our legal service proposal shall contain working strategy and also term and amount of legal fees.

Success Fees Scheme

Occasionally, the client might strongly concentrate to the achievement of our provided legal services. Our firm could also provide this alternative scheme upon client’s request. Mostly, the success fee scheme would be charged in percentile from the value of achievement of work.

Other Expenses

Please be informed that, generally, the expenses such as, transportation, accommodations, stamp duty, government fees, translation fees and interpreter fees etc., shall be billable to the client at actual amount.

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